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ReportBuilder is available in four editions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Server. Detailed information about the capabilities of each edition is contained in the Feature Matrix. All products include full source code (with the exception of the RAP compiler and the Server).  ReportBuilder 19 includes support for Delphi 10 Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, Delphi 2007, and Delphi 7. A license to ReportBuilder 19 also includes the ability to download ReportBuilder 7.04 for Delphi 5. All products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


New licenses and upgrades include 12 month subscription to tech support, bug fixes and releases. We send email notification for each release.

Subscription renewal pricing is available within 30-days of expiration, after which upgrade pricing applies. We send renewal reminders prior to expiration.

Please configure your email client to accept as a safe sender, so that our email notifications are not routed to spam/junk.



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ReportBuilder Server 19 * US$1259
Server Deployment License (1 CPU) US$299
ReportBuilder Enterprise 19 * US$996
ReportBuilder Professional 19 US$729
ReportBuilder Standard 19 US$475
Upgrade Enterprise 19 to Server 19 US$839
Upgrade Pro 19 to Server 19 US$944
Upgrade Standard 19 to Server 19 US$1049
Upgrade Pro 19 to Enterprise 19 US$267
Upgrade Standard 19 to Enterprise 19 US$525
Upgrade Standard 19 to Pro 19 US$258

Subscription Renewal

Subscription Renewal (within 30-days of expiration only)

Renew Subscription Server US$489
Renew subscription Enterprise US$419
Renew subscription Professional US$347
Renew subscription Standard US$247


Upgrades for 18.x and earlier *


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Upgrade Server US$734
Upgrade Enterprise US$629
Upgrade Professional US$524
Upgrade Standard US$369
Upgrade Enterprise to Server 19 US$944
Upgrade Professional to Server 19 US$1049
Upgrade Professional to Enterprise 19 US$681
Upgrade Standard to Server 19 US$1154
Upgrade Standard to Enterprise 19 US$786
Upgrade Standard to Professional 19 US$520