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February 16, 2018: ReportBuilder 19.0 Now Available!

New Features for 19.0!

Designer New AutoSave / Recovery for report layout

     Periodically autosave to AppData\Local\RBuilder\Report_autosave.rtm

     Clear on close of designer, but if crash the file remains

     Check for file when designer opens, prompt user to recover

     RBuilder.ini Designer Preferences for AutoSave, AutoSaveInterval

New View | Margins for workspace

     Display page margins for layout workspace

     Store ShowMargins preference to RBuilder.ini

New Sort DataPipelines in DataTree

     Right-mouse on DataTree to Sort

New set Report.SaveAsTemplate True for TppDesigner Show/ShowModal

User Interface New ThemeManager, use Default theme when no RBuilder.ini

New RichText double-click to launch RTF Editor

New Subscription reminder at Delphi design-time

New Update serial number from within About Box

International New Right-to-Left language support

     New RTLReading Boolean for Text, Memo, Crosstab, RichText.Paragraph

     Output device support for screen, printer, pdf, html

Email New IndySMTP.UseTLS boolean property

     Uses port 587 and TLS/SSL required for GMail, Office365 etc

Output Devices New Xlsx architecture to optimize performance and minimize memory

     Optimized for exporting big data (large number of pages/rows)

New Xlsx support for Title, subject, Author, etc.

New Xlsx hyperlink support for text and images

New Html font family fallback support

     Only convert text to images for symbol fonts (wingdings,..)

Improved Printer, use GetDefaultPrinterName instead of GetProfileString API

New PDF form button support added

     Submit and Reset button options added

     Submit option sends form field info over HTTP via POST or GET

     Submit option supports executing Adobe supported JavaScript

New PDF form field settings property (FormFieldSettings)

New PDF form field character limit property (FieldMaxLength)

New PDF form field Read-Only property (FieldReadOnly)

New PDF form field field title property (FieldTitle)

New PDF form field form submit info property including JavaScript, SubmitMethod, and URL properties.

New PDF right-to-left text support

New PDF file attachment support

     Attach external files to exported PDF files

New PDFAFormat property to define which PDF/A standard to use.

New PDF/A-2B, PDF/A-3B, and PDF/A-3B ZUGFeRD support

     New PDF/A2, PDF/A3, and PDF/A3-ZUGFeRD file devices

Improved PDF/A now supports embedded font subsets with Unicode encoding

Improved PDF SetMapMode support added for PDF metafile reader

Engine Optimized component SaveOrder calc, when exporting to XlsData, Delimited file

New left to right columns support for toggling Band.Visible

DataPipeline New DataPipeline FieldLink.IgnoreTrailingSpaces boolean
Preview New Thumbnail Viewer highlight current page

New AccessoryToolbar (Outline, Thumbnail, Text Search) .ini support

RCL New TableGrid undo support, improved Undo architecture

New Border.Padding property (margin) and implement in DrawInfo (ppCtrls)

Improved accuracy for diagonal lines (screen, preview, PDF)

Improved RichText performance (speed) and stability for scrollable page preview

New Viewer.AbsolutePageCount property

New ArchiveReader support for file path variables such as ($MyDocuments)

New PreviewFormSettings.SaveWindowPlacement property, default True

New Rotated Wrapped Text support for Labels (increments of 90 degrees)

New Aztec Code barcode support

New QRCode ECI support for multiple binary charsets

DADE New Dade FieldLink.IgnoreTrailingSpaces based on database type
ReportExplorer New Cut, Copy, Paste options added to the Report Explorer

     Tool buttons, menu options, and popup menu options added

RAP New RAP Code Editor copy/paste option to include procedure/function declaration

New RAP RTTI for TStringList.Delimiter, DelimitedText, QuoteChar

New run-time error checking for missing parameter value in program call

REST and Mobile Enhanced to force nbBlankReport for no data condition

Enhanced viewer to work around WebBrowser bug on Windows platform.

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version

*RB 19 includes support for Delphi versions:

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, D10.1 Berlin, D10 Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6,

XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, D2007, D7

December 15, 2017: ReportBuilder 18.03 Now Available!

New Features for 18.03!

Delphi 10.2.2 Support

August 4, 2017: ReportBuilder 18.02 Now Available!

New Features for 18.02!

No new enhancements.


March 31, 2017: ReportBuilder 18.01 Now Available!

New Features for 18.01!

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Delphi 10.2 Tokyo support for VCL Win32
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo support for VCL Win64

December 9, 2016: ReportBuilder 18.0 Now Available!

New Features for 18.0!

User Interface New Default theme uses Delphi VCL styles

     leverage Delphi's Windows 10 styles

New High DPI Monitor support

     UI scales to any screen resolution

New GMap Marker Dialog

     add GMap markers visually from the designer

New Preview popup menu

     print, zoom, search, etc. from the new menu

International New Deploy language modules to custom location
     TppResourceManager.SetModulePath method

New Gmail REST webmail plugin


New Outlook365 REST webmail plugin


New EmailSettings.OAuth2 object property

     required for REST webmail OAuth2 authorization

New EmailSettings.Port property

New EmailSettings.Signature property

     supports signature files and custom signatures

EmailSettings.Recipients list now supports delimited lists

Outlook plug-in support for html and rtf email client preview


Output Devices

Preview, load/save window placement to ini storage

Preview, enhanced text scaling accuracy

New XLSSettings.ExportFormattedStrings boolean property

New PDFSettings.ForceASCIIFonts property

PDF, RichText export now supports Unicode with subset fonts

FileDevice, enhanced file merge to support empty reports

New Viewer.ExportToFile method


Outline optimization, when disabled do not create nodes


New OnGetFieldValue event to enable value customization

New DataPipeline.Cancel method to cancel edit mode


New Designer.ShowComponents options for Crosstab, Checkbox, DBCheckbox

New Checkbox, 3 state option: AllowGrayed, CheckboxState properties

New Checkbox, TextAlignment property

New Checkbox, ReprintOnOverflow property

NewImage, HyperLink property

BarCode, AutoSize + right-aligned = grow to left

New 2DBarcode BarcodeUnits property

     adds Report unit measurement options

New 2DBarcode DataMatrixSettings.Dimensions property for manual width and height

New 2dBarcode DataMatrixSettings.EncodeType Manual ASCII option

allows manually encoded barcodes such as GS1

New RichText, Paragraph.LineSpacing property

New RichText, Paragraph.NumberingStyle property

New RTF Editor, Linespaceing toolbutton palete (like Wordpad)

New RTF Editor, NumberingStyle toolbutton palete (like Wordpad)

New Parameter.AutoSearchField property for run-time access

New Image, hyperlink support

Image, support Bitmap.TransparentColor

New Report.Template, OnConvert event for loading old reports

Report.Template, uses try..except to cancel DataPipeline edit mode

New CrossTab FullGridLines property

GMap, enhanced internet connection checking

New, GMap.AutoCenter property

     automatically centers and zooms around 2 or more markers

New, GMap.Visible property


New Plug-in support to enable security to be added

     new TdaDataSet.ValidateSQLText method override to add code to prevent Insert, Delete,..

New SQLBuilder, SearchCriteria.AddExpression method

AddExpression(Expression, Operator, Value)


Uses try..except to cancel DataPipeline edit mode


New RTTI, Report.PageStyle property

New RTTI, Report.DesignerLayers property

New RTTI, CustomReport.FindUserObject method

New RTTI, Chart.SeriesCount and Chart.Series.Count properties

New RAP functions, PadLeft and PadRight

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 18 includes support for twelve Delphi versions:
D10.1 Berlin, D10 Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, XE,
D2007, D7

September 23, 2016: ReportBuilder 17.03 Now Available!

New Features for 17.03!

RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 1 compatible
Updated language translations


April 29, 2016: ReportBuilder 17.02 Now Available!

New Features for 17.02!

Delphi 10.1 Berlin Delphi 10.1 Berlin support for VCL Win32
Delphi 10.1 Berlin support for VCL Win64

January 22, 2016: ReportBuilder 17.01 Now Available!

New Features for 17.01!

No new enhancements.

October 14, 2015: ReportBuilder 17 Now Available!

New Features for 17.0!

Delphi 10 Seattle Delphi 10 Seattle support for VCL Win32
Delphi 10 Seattle support for VCL Win64
Demos and Tutorials New RBDemos database (SQLite version of DBDemos)
New RBDemos FireDAC Connection De installed to Delphi IDE
New Converted RB Demos to FireDAC, SQLite RBDemos database
New Converted RB Tutorials to FireDAC SQLite RBDemos database
REST Service Components New support for report parameters and autosearch parameters
New support for reports residing on datamodules/forms
New demo added for reports residing on datamodules
REST Mobile Client Components New support for report parameters and autosearch parameters
TableGrid New Header, Footer support (via RowType - header/detail/footer)
New Row.Visible property
New Column.Visible property
New MasterGrid property (link column widths to master)
New CellAttributes property for Grid, Row, Col
easily modify properties for all contained cells
Enhanced Designer Report Tree to display column nodes
PageSummary New PageSummary band, prints once per page, static height
New PageSummary.AlignToBottom boolean property

New PageSummary.PrintOnFirstPage, PrintOnLastPage boolean properties

Designer TppDataPipelineList.OwnedPipelines Only class function,
   - use to limit DataPipelines displayed by Designer
Enhanced direct draw design controls, such as TableGrid to alpha blend to background layers
Enhanced Object Inspector to support nested child items
Viewer Open file with hyperlink support for the viewer/previewer
RCL Variable, enhanced support for page totals, dynamic height detail bands
Left to Right Cols, enhanced to reset to first col for group change
Left to Right Cols, improved column footer generation
PrinterSetup.Duplex defaults to dpDefault
SystemVarible, new StartingPageNo property
DetailBand, added AfterGenerateLastDetail event
DBPipeline, default TppField.FieldAlias to TField.DisplayName
RichText, added CopyFrom(aRichEdit: TCustomRichEdit) method
Image, enhanced to support transparent PNG
Image, enhanced to support TIFF images

DBImage, enhanced AutoDetect to identify and load TIFF blob stream
Intelligent Mail Barcode, added RegEx validation
GMap, Map Marker feature

Output Devices XlsSettings.WorksheetName
Xlsx Border & Fill, use rgb color (needed for copy/paste)
PDF AES 128 bit encryption
PDF Added AllowExtract, AllowAssemble, and AllowQualityPrint properties to the PDF Encryption Settings
PDF Signature fields
PDF File navigation links
PDF Form field title declaration
HTML Enhanced to support exporting to stream
DADE FireDAC, enhanced daFireDAC plugin to support more DatabaseTypes
Query Designer, new Calc Expression SQL Editor
Query Designer, enhanced to save/load top/bottom panel heights/splitter
Query Wizard Calc Dialog, resize available drop down list for long field names
TdaSQLBuilder, added SearchCriteria Insert methods
RAP Save RAP programs to Delphi object format (.dfm text)
(support diff/version control)
Added RAP RTTI support for TppEmailSettings


*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 17 includes support for eleven Delphi versions:
D10 Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, XE, D2007, D7

August 21, 2015: ReportBuilder 16.03 Now Available!

New Features for 16.03!

No new enhancements.


April 24, 2015: ReportBuilder 16.02 Now Available!

New Features for 16.02!

Delphi XE8 Delphi XE8 support!
Html Help!

December 19, 2014: ReportBuilder 16.01 Now Available!

New Features for 16.01!

GMap component now functions without the need for Indy.

October 24, 2014: ReportBuilder 16 for Delphi XE7 Now Available!

New Features for 16.0!

Delphi XE7 Delphi XE7 support for VCL Win32

Delphi XE7 support for VCL Win64
New Delphi XE7 REST Service components*
New Delphi XE7 Mobile Client components*

* RB Enterprise for XE7 only

REST Service Components All New
Quickly and easily build a REST server to publish RB reports
   RestService, processes REST requests

   RestReportProvider, use to implement report modules

   ReportDirectory, supports reports stored in files or database

REST Mobile Client Components All New
Quickly and easily build apps for iOS and Android
   RestClient, communicates with REST server

   MobileExplorer (FMX), use to browse nested report directory
    MobileViewer (FMX), use to preview reports

Designer Added multi-object selection support for report object tree
Improved transparent image rendering for layout workspace

Set Component.DesignLayer property via object inspector

RCL New GMap component for incorporating Google maps in reports!
Crosstab vertical text
ExportMetafileAsBitmap property added to TppImage, TppDBImage
ExportRTFAsBitmap property added to TppRichText, line2RichText
AutoScale feature added for all 2D Barcodes
Preview Advanced Printer Dialog options for PDF, XLS, RTF

Preview page-navigation links
Enhanced thumbnail support for drilldown reports

Output Devices New XlsxReport Device! (Delphi XE2 and later)
New XlsxData Device! (Delphi XE2 and later)
XLS/Xlsx, improved accuracy of right aligned text
XLS/Xlsx, added XLSSettings.DefaultBands property for XLSData
XLSData, added XLSSettings.PreserveLineBreaks property for XLSData
XLS/Xlsx, add support for display formats with non quoted chars
XLSReport, added support for IncludeSingleHeader, IncludeSingleFooter
XLSData, export RichText, Checkbox as plain text
HTML, enhanced to render Border as CSSStyle (no image required)
HTML, enhance to render text color as CSS Style
HTML, added TppXHTMLStyleSingleFile properties for HtmlPage, CssSheet
HTML, remove image dir, when not used
Text, export RichText, Checkbox as plain text
Text, export RichText, Checkbox as plain text
PDF, interactive PDF form fields
PDF, interactive PDF checkboxes
PDF, UniqueFile property added to PDF device
PDF, AddDate property added to PDF device
PDF, enhanced metafile support
PDF, page-navigation link support

PDF, Unicode characters now supported in document properties
RTF, RichTextAsMemo feature added to RTF Device
AllowNewFile property added to TppFileDevice

Engine Apply Report.PrinterSetup changes to Page.PrinterSetup
DADE daFireDAC, enhanced for Delphi design-time support
SQL, support for re-ordering tables (auto-fix joins)
SQL, support for :ParamName references in table join conditions
QueryDesigner, save/restore ListView column positions for each page
QueryDesigner, support for re-ordering tables (auto-fix joins)
QueryDesigner, available tables list can be sorted by clicking on cols
QueryDesigner, support for :ParamName references in table join conditions
TableJoin, allow :ParameterName in expression
RAP Designer, Display System Constants in RAP Code Toolbox
Designer, auto-focus code editor and position cursor, when code loads

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 16 includes support for nine Delphi versions:
D7, D2007, DXE, DXE2, DXE3, DXE4, DXE5, DXE6, DXE7

September 5, 2014: ReportBuilder 15.05 Now Available!

New Features for 15.05!

No new enhancements.


April 25, 2014: ReportBuilder 15.04 for DXE6 Now Available!

New Features for 15.04!

Delphi XE6 Delphi XE6 support for VCL Win32
Delphi XE6 support for VCL Win64

February 28, 2014: ReportBuilder 15.03 Now Available!

New Features for 15.03!

QRCode Added ability to enable all code versions (larger barcodes)
DADE Added DataManager.RefreshDataViews method

December 13, 2013: ReportBuilder 15.02 Now Available!

New Features for 15.02!

No new enhancements.

August 30, 2013: ReportBuilder 15.01 Now Available!

New Features for 15.01!

Delphi XE5 support for VCL Win32

Delphi XE5 support for VCL Win64

FireDAC, added DADE plug-in*
FireDAC, added End User demos for MS Access, Interbase
QRCode, added CharacterEncoding property
PDFSettings, added CanvasInitOrigin property


*FireDAC notes:
Delphi XE4, DADE binaries installed if FireDAC detected
All Delphi versions, DADE source installed to RBuilder\Source

May 31, 2013: ReportBuilder 15.0 Now Available!

New Features for 15.0!

Delphi XE4 Delphi XE4 support for VCL Win32
Delphi XE4 support for VCL Win64
Designer Zoom support for Design workspace
New rendering architecture for scaling workspace, components
Undo support for add/remove design layers
Added Design Layer 'delete with components' menu item
ReportTree, added component popup menu support
Inspector, TColor prop editor, double-click to display color dialog
Added Delphi design-time support for calling FormDesigner.UniqueName
Always show Save As dialog when saving a subreport template
RCL TableGrid component
    - QRCode barcode support
    - DataMatrix barcode support
    - New 'settings' properties for each barcode type: QrCodeSettings, DataMatrixSettings, PDF417Settings, MaxiCodeSettings
VerticalAlignment property for text
DesignLayer.Visible property to show/hide components
RichText.RemoveEmptyLines boolean property (address squeeze)
Memo.RemoveEmptyLInes boolean property(address squeeze)
Memo, improved tab/tabstop support
Report.OpenFile boolean to open a file after export
PrintDialog, Open File checkbox
PageStyle, UsePageSpace boolean
Band, Border property
Preview Page thumbnails (like Adobe Acrobat)
Page Borders
Page separation control
Scrolling Text Search
Print Dialog, added Open file checkbox
Viewer, added Viewer.OnEndGenerate event
Output Devices New rendering architecture Designer/Graphics/Screen/Printer
Printer, PrinterSetup.Duplex option for dpDefault (use Windows default)
TextFile, options for semi-colon, space, custom delimiters
XLSReport.IgnorePageHeight property, when True prevent blank rows from being added to bottom of page
XLS HyperLink support (via Component.HyperLink settings)
XLSData, IncludeSingleHeader/Footer booleans, to limit export to single header/footer for entire file
TextFile, modified ReportSaveNo to Int64 to suppor larger reports
Textfile, published more props to provide RAP code access
ReportTextFile, use PrinterCanvas for more accurate calculations
Printer, added Eject commend to ppPCL.pas
PDF, Transparent Images
PDF, Graphics Canvas (removed the need for a TppPrinter)
PDF, 128 bit encryption
PDF, Enhanced embedded font style support (Unicode)
PDF, Added AddFileID property to allow user to omit the File ID
Email, Receipt feature added to Indy plugin
Email, Synapse plugin now supports BCC recipients.
FileDevice, Report.OpenFile, universal file open property
FileDevice: Added WaterMark feature for all file devices
FileDevice: Added file path variable support for ($CurrentDir)
Engine Report generation, apply Report.PrinterSetup changes to Page.PrinterSetup
DADE SQL, RowLimitsupported by several database engines, syntax varies
SQL, RowLimitEnabled, returns True if databasetype supports RowLimit
Copy/Paste queries
QueryDesigner, RowLimit edit box added to Tables page
QueryDesigner, display DataPipeline name in the form caption
SQLBuilder, RowLimit, RowLimitEnabled properties
SQLText, enhanced parameterized linking, add condition to existing SQL Where
End-User DesignLayer menu option to load/save to file when ReportExplorer database used
RAP CodeEditor: save/restore program caret pos when toggle from/to Calc workspace
TraSystemFunction, added Report & CodeModule properties for function access
Ability to call ShowMessage from a preview thread
Added StringReplace, StringReplaceAll functions
TeeChart: RTTI support for 16 new chart properties:
Legend (Alignment, Font, FontSeriesColor, Shadow, Symbol, TextStyle, Title), Title, LeftWall, RightWall, BottomWall, BackWall, AxisBehind, PrintProportional, and Shadow.
Parameters: RTTI support for Parameter.Values[ ] and ValueCount

January 18, 2013: ReportBuilder 14.08 Now Available!!

New Features for 14.08!

Data Tree, enhanced sort to use AnsiCompareText rather than CompareText
Report Tree, enhanced to save/load report tree height to ini storage
HTMLDevice, enhanced to enable ImageFolderName to be empty string
SQLText, allow :ParamName refs w/out corresponding Report.Parameters[] item
RAP RTTI, added support for AutoSearchField.LookupList
RAP RTTI, added support for Chart.View3D
PrintDialog, improved FileName editing behavior for select all case

October 26, 2012: ReportBuilder 14.07 Now Available!

New Features for 14.07!

Viewer, Added support horizontal key-down scrolling
Image, enhanced GraphicDetector to handle JPEG variations
Synapse email plugin, updated to support BCC recipients

September 14, 2012: ReportBuilder 14.06 for XE3 Now Available!

New Features for 14.06!

Delphi XE3 support (Win32 & win64)

August 10, 2012: ReportBuilder 14.06 Now Available!

New Features for 14.06!

Added AccessoryToolbar property to Preview Dialog
Added SendEmail property to the Printer Dialog
Added StrokePath, SelectClipPath & SetMetaRgn support for the metafile reader
Added HasNewFileGroups routine to the Report object
Added RoundTo and SimpleRoundTo routine support for RAP

May 18, 2012: ReportBuilder 14.05 Now Available!

New Features for 14.05!

Added auto-scroll support for TextSearch in preview (multi-page view)
Added ThreadedPageCache Device-Cancel event
Exposed TppEmail.EmailMessage property to allow updates during generation
Added TStrings.ValueFromIndex support for RAP

March 16, 2012: ReportBuilder 14.04 Now Available!

New Features for 14.04!

Scrollable viewer, added text search with incremental page generation
PDF, custom DrawCommands now rendered as high quality bitmaps

February 3, 2012: ReportBuilder 14.03 Now Available!

New Features for 14.03!

No new enhancements.

December 15, 2011: ReportBuilder 14.02 Now Available!

New Features for 14.02!

TeeChart 2011 Added support for Delphi XE2 package names
Scrollable Preview Added Drilldown support

Can generate all pages by setting PageIncrement to 0

International Updated String Translation app with new strings
Added logic to load new string resources
New Danish translation, thank you Kurt Bilde!

November 4, 2011: ReportBuilder 14.01 Now Available!

New Features for 14.01!

Delphi XE2 requires Update 2

October 21, 2011: ReportBuilder 14.0 Now Available!

New Features for 14.0!

Delphi XE2 Delphi XE2 support for VCL Win32
Delphi XE2 support for VCL Win64
Design Layers Separate layout elements into logical layers
Load/save design layers (example std header/footer or watermark)
Prevent users from adding, selecting, moving, deleting elements
Prevent users from seeing, selecting, deleting layers
LayerTypes: Band, Page
Inactive Layers draw alpha blended behind active layer
ComponentOptions: Add, Delete, Select, Move
LayerOptions: Select, Rename, Visible, Delete, Load, Save
Preview Continous page scrolling
Single and two-up page display
Background thread report generation
Hand scrolling
PreviewFormSetings.PageDisplay property
PreviewFormSettings.PageIncrement propery (control page generation)
PreviewFormsSettings.SinglePageOnly (forces use of old screen device)
Viewer.DeadSpace property (control amount of space outside of page)
Output Devices HTML file device
PDF/A device (
PDFSettings.PDFA boolean property (force PDF to PDF/A standard)
PDF image compression (automatic jpeg compression)
PDF image scaling (PDFSettings.ImageCompressionLevel)
PDF, high quality metafile to bitmap conversion
DocForm device (exact positioning of lines and text)
RTFSettings.UseTextBoxes boolean property (exact text positioning)
RTF/Doc device, support for CodePage and Font.CharSet
XLS support for AppName, Author, Subject, Title (XLSSEttings)
Email, Extended Mapi plug-in
  - Avoid security warnings, Unicode and Html support
Email, support for HTML messages via Indy 10 Extended Mapi
Email, EmailSettings.HtmlBody, BodyHtmlAttachments properties
Email, EmailSettings.StreamAttachments option
Email, Unicode message body (Unicode VCL w/Indy 10 or Extended Mapi)
new ScrollableScreenDevice, used by Viewer to implement continous scrolling
PrintToFile enhancements
  - DefaultFileDeviceType defaults to PDF
  - default TextFileName, ArchiveFileName ($MyDocuments)\Report.pdf
  - Change default file device, auto-changes default file name
  - change output format in print dialog, auto-changes default file name
  - support for wildcards in default FileName, ($MyDocuments) is resolved
by print dialog for display to end-user
  - change the extension in the print dialog, changes the file
International Language Support Added 64-bit language modules
TeeChart Support Enhanced TeeChart Package Builder for 64-bit
RCL Variable support for Int64 via dtLargeInt data type
Groups, PreventOrphans
  - prevent group header with no detail at bottom of page
  - prevent group footer with no detail at top of page
Columns, ColumnBalancing
  - generate vertical columns in min number of rows
ColumnFooter, AlignToBottom boolean
  - enables column footer to generate immediately after detail
Band.Background property for all bands
DrawCommand.AsMetaFile feature for simpler RCL add-on support
SummaryBand enhanced to print on same page as columns
Engine Enhanced group generation - PreventOrphans management
Enhanced horizontal and vertical Column generation
End-User DesignLayers
  - LayerOptions: use to lock layers, hide layers
      - for example, create a visible/invisible water mark layer
  - ComponentOptions: prevent users from moving, deleting etc.
New OnCustomSaveQueryDoc event
New ShowHelp method - fires Designer.OnHelp event
ReportExplorer, invokes Help via new Designer.ShowHelp
RAP New Int64 data type
Compiler/parser support for // comments
Enhanced object ref scoping: childreport can access parent report objects
File functions: FileExists, DirectoryExists, ExtractFileName, etc.
RTTI for PrintDialog
RTTI for FileDevice
RTTI for ObjectList
RTTI enhanced for Picture, Graphic
Enhanced run-time exception message to display subreport name
Server Added 64-bit windows service (ReportBuilder Services)
*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version

*RB 14 includes support for seven Delphi versions:
D7, D2006, D2007, D2009, D2010, DXE, DXE2

July 15, 2011: ReportBuilder 12.05 Now Available!

New Features for 12.05!

ReportBuilder for Delphi XE requires Delphi XE Update 1.

February 18, 2011: ReportBuilder 12.04 Now Available!

New Features for 12.04!

Delphi XE New Delphi XE Starter Edition support!
RCL New Band.OnCreateDrawCommand event
Output New XLSData default order based on Left position, not Z-order
New XLSSettings.MergeAdjacentCells boolean property for XLSReport
*DADE New dtInformix database type (dbExpress)

*Professional and Enterprise Editions

November 19, 2010: ReportBuilder 12.03 Now Available!

New Features for 12.03!

Designer When copy/paste elements from one region to another, honor relative position
RCL Added Parameter.LookupList.SortOrder option for soNone
Output PDF. Added ability to search/copy Unicode text (D2009 and later)

September 10, 2010: ReportBuilder 12.02 Now Available!

New Features for 12.02!

Delphi IDE New Delphi XE Support!
Output PDF. Added support for Arabic scripts with Unicode.

PDF. Added Right-to-Left text support with Unicode
TIFF. Added SingleFile & TiffWidth properties to support faxing

June 14, 2010: ReportBuilder 12.01 Now Available!

New Features for 12.01!

Output TextFileDevice. Added RetainLineBreaks boolean to control whether memo line breaks are preserved
PDF. Added FontFallBack feature for improved font subset embedding.
Multi-Page TIFF image support. Export a multiple page report to a single TIFF image file.
Producer ArchiveReader. Published DefaultDeviceType, PDFSettings, RTFSettings, XLSSEttings
DBArchiveReader. Published DefaultDeviceType, PDFSettings, RTFSettings, XLSSEttings
ClientReport. Published DefaultDeviceType, PDFSettings, RTFSettings, XLSSEttings

May 11, 2010: ReportBuilder 12.0 Now Available!

New Features for 12.0!

New Export Devices: RTF, DOC, XLSData, XLSReport, Images
New PDF support for Unicode, Encryption
New TeeChart 2010 support
New Extensible International Language Architecture
plus much more!
Report Output Enhancements New PDF Encryption
New PDF Unicode support
New PDF Font subsetting (embeds only chars used)
New RTF Device
New Doc Device
New XLSReport Device
New XLSData Device
New Bmp Device
New JPEG Device
New EMf Device
New Gif Device
New Png Device (D2009 & later)
New Tif Device (D2010 or freeware LibTifDelphi)
New TextFileDevice.DefaultBands property
New TextFileDevice default export of detail band elements
New Report.DefaultFileDeviceType property
New Printer rendering support for transparent RichText

*PDF, RTF, Doc, XLS support Unicode for D2009 and later
Report Designer Enhancements New Inspector multi-select support for embedded objects (Font, Border,..)
New drag-and-drop support for DBRichText
New ReportWizard support for DBRichText
New double-click chart invoke Chart editor
New Extensible International Language Architecture
Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements New BarCodeType: USPS Intelligent Barcode
New DetailBand Background1/Background2 (color & gradient)
New Email by Group support
New MinimumHeight property for stretchables
New Gradient Fill support for Shapes
New DBImage AutoDetect graphic type support
New Anchor support for [Left, Right] & [Top, Bottom] combinations
New Parameter.Bindable property for hiding parameters from Query Designer
New OnOutlineNodeCreate event support for setting Node.Expanded state
New Text formatting with Ellipsis
New TeeChart 2010 support
Data Access New JITPipeline OnGetFieldAsStream event
New syntax support for DataPipeline['FieldAliasOrFieldName']
International New Extensible Language Architecture
ReportExplorer Enhancements* New support for multi-select and email
Visual Data Access Enhancements* New DatabaseType: dtFirebird
New Calc Expression support for :ParamName syntax
New Parameter.Bindable property for hiding parameters from Query Designer
New Query Designer support for Joins w/fields from multiple tables
New Query Designer support for Joins w/constant expressions
New SQLBuilder support for Joins w/fields from multiple tables
New SQLBuilder support for Joins w/constant expressions
RAP Enhancements** New functions: Ord, Min, Max, Floor, Ceiling, Odd
New RTTI support for setting Parameter['ParamName']
New RTTI support for using DataPipeline['FieldAliasOrFieldName']
Server Enhancements*** New Server support for drill-down subreports
New WebTier support for Email

    *ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise Editions
  **ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition
***ReportBuilder Server Edition

March 12, 2010: ReportBuilder 11.08 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.08!

Added OnHyperLinkClick event

January 8, 2010: ReportBuilder 11.07 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.07!

Template, new properties: IngoreErrors. SuppressErrorDialog
PrintDialog, widened FileTypes combobox
PageSetupDialog.TabSet is now a public property

September 4, 2009: ReportBuilder 11.06 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.06!

added Delphi 2010 support

June 26, 2009: ReportBuilder 11.05 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.05!

No new features added. See Fixes.

April 9, 2009: ReportBuilder 11.04 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

ReportBuilder 11.04 for Delphi 2009 is now available for download. If you purchased ReportBuilder 10.x on or after March 1, 2008, you are entitled to a free upgrade. If you did not receive an e-mail notification of this release, please send an e-mail with your contact information, including serial number, to

New Features for 11.04!

DataFieldList, added combobox autocomplete support
DataFieldList, allow DataField to be specified that does not exist in the DataPipeline
ResourceManager, added support for registering a replacement class

Add optimization to improve performance of expressions that use global vars.

**Enterprise Edition

February 13, 2009: ReportBuilder 11.03 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.03!

*DADE Oracle Support
Updated DOA plugin to support Parameterized Linking
New DataSettings.CollationType option: ctBinary
New DataSettings.NullCollationType property (use ncNullsLast for Oracle)

*Pro and Enterprise only

  December 15, 2008: ReportBuilder 11.02 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.02!

New themed Statusbar (Designer, Preview, ReportExplorer, ..)

PDF, optimized grayscale images to use 8-bit res to save space
Hyperlink, added new HyperLinkEnabled property to Label, DBText
Improved management of modal forms to support windows task switching
*Query Designer, added ability to sort available fields list by clicking on any column
**RAP, added support for enum integer values, improved conversion of enum to integer

*Pro and Enterprise only
** Enterprise only

November 4, 2008: ReportBuilder 11.01 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

New Features for 11.01!

Designer, enable Snap-to-Guide/Snap-To-Grid to work independently for X, Y directions
Designer, added BringForward/SendBackward to the format toolbar
Designer, do not create a windows taskbar item at runtime
Parameters, added support for dtDate, dtTime data types
DBRichText, optimized performance
DADE, search criteria with different search operators can share a common parameter.
WebTier, added support for Safari and Chrome browsers

September 24, 2008: ReportBuilder 11 for Delphi 2009 Now Available!

ReportBuilder 11.0 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2009, Delphi 2007, Delphi  2006, Delphi  2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Introducing rbWiki!
Introducing rbWiki - the new RB HowTo resource designed to help you learn, solve, and troubleshoot. rbWiki contains an expanding volume of tech tips and downloadable examples which are categorized and searchable.

New Version 11.0!

Delphi 2009 Support

Unicode Support (Delphi 2009 only)
New state of the art installer
Complete Windows Vista compatibility

Unicode (Delphi 2009 only) Full Unicode VCL support
Database access support for Unicode and Ansi databases
Unicode Report Designer, RCL, Report Output
Unicode String Translation Application
TextPipeline supports Unicode and Ansi data (can autodetect or use Encoding property)
TextFileDevice supports Unicode and Ansi export (Encoding and BOM properties)
Unicode RAP CodeEditor
Unicode Server uses UTF-8 encoding for TCP communication
Unicode WebTier produces UTF-8 encoded XHTML web interface
Designer Enhancements Office2007, Outlook2007 adaptive themes to update the UI
Theme support for Object Inspector, CodeToolbox
Design Guides to quickly align and size objects
"Edit in Place" support for Labels and Memos
Design support for Parameters, AutoSearchSettings, Lookups
BringForward/SendBackward options for fine tuning z-order
Persistent Undo/Redo between Design/Preview for better iterative design
IniStorage option, IniNone can be used to avoid ini storage
IniFile default location (Local Settings\Application Data) for Vista compatibility
Name property support for Delphi design-time
Report Parameters & AutoSearch Powerful integrated architecture for Parameters, AutoSearch, Lookups, DADE
Parameters design time support including AutoSearch and Lookups
Parameters AutoSearchSettings property
AutoSearch Lookups, LookupDataPipeline (name/value and value support)
AutoSearch panels for Lookups (displays combobox with picklist)
AutoSearch Calendar Date Picker for dates (windows, web)
DADE search criteria can be bound to Parameters
AutoSearch 'Or' logical operator support
Include AutoSearch Description in Report with no code (SystemVariable)
Report Groups Group dialog, more intuitive design
Group NewFile option (print each group as sep file)
Group StartOnOddPage option (great for duplex printing)
GroupFooter option to Print only when > 1 detail (suppress totals)
Report Summary Summary AlignToBottom of page option (frequently requested)
Report Output Enhancements PDF embedded font support
PDF RichText, TeeChart, Barcode, PaintBox support (converts to native PDF)
PDF vector graphics support (converts metafiles to native PDF)
PDF canvas architecture
ArchiveReader.ArchiveStream property
Print multiple reports to a single file (all FileDevice descendants)
Generate multiple files with one report (one file per group)
TextFile support for subreport elements
TextFile support for crosstab data
TextFile support for memos
TextFile options for quoting strings
Printer Escape support
Printer PCL Language library built-in (simplifies escape commands)
Printer DeviceSettings - control any/all specialized printer settings
Printer internal refactoring/architecture
Printer.CheckDC method for improved error handling
Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements Hyperlink property (viewer, PDF, WebViewer - supports url and email addresses)
Paintbox component (including PDF export)
SystemVariable options: AutoSearchDesc, CopyNo, CopyNoDesc
Line component option for diagonal lines
Image.Align property (left, Center, Right)
Image context menu to Clear picture
BarCode Alignment support for barcode symbol
TppVariable SuppressRepeatedValues support
RichText full justification
RichText LeftMargin property
RichText Transparent support
RichText Editor support for Full Justify, Consistent Attributes
RichText.Font property used to set DefAttributes
DBRichText.MailMerge support
Report.OnFileDeviceCreate event (use to configure devices)
Report.OnPrinterDeviceCreate event (use to configure printer device)
OnPrinterDeviceStateChange event (use to send Escape commands)
Report.GetDataPipeline method
Report Explorer Enhancements * Toolbar options for Open, Design
Visual Data Access Enhancements * SQL Having clause support (QueryDesigner, SQLBuilder, SQL)
EditSQL Text and AutoSearch support
EditSQL Text and Link support
Linking options: MagicSQL, Parameterized SQL, Manual
Linking on calc fields (non-aggregate)
Search Criteria allow SQL functions ex. Where SalesDate = GetDate()
Search Criteria bind to Parameters (which can be autosearch or not)
SQL Text Editor with syntax highlight support
Group By allow calc fields (non-aggregate)
Query Wizard table/field lists display horz scroll bar
SQLBuilder support for Linking
SQLBuilder support for adding calc expressions
RAP Enhancements** RAP Unicode Editor for D2009
RAP RTTI for TeeChart
RAP RTTI for TCanvas (use RAP to draw to Paintbox.Canvas)
RAP RTTI for TTextAttributes, TppParaAttributes (RichText)
ECodeError properties for ProgramName, ProgramCode
Server Enhancements*** Web AutoSearch Calendar DatePicker
Web AutoSearch Lookup support (drop down list)
Web date format for data entry (supports webtier locale)
ClientReport AutoSearch Lookup support (drop down list)
ClientReport AutoSearch Calendar DatePicker
ClientReport date format for data entry (supports client locale)

    *ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise Editions
  **ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition
***ReportBuilder Server Edition

June 27, 2008: ReportBuilder 10.09 for Delphi 2007 Now Available!

New Features for 10.09

*RB 10.08 for Delphi 2007 requires Update 3 or later

April 25, 2008: ReportBuilder 10.08 for Delphi 2007 Now Available!

New Features for 10.08

*RB 10.08 for Delphi 2007 requires Update 3 or later
Performance enhancements to report generation Used a customer test case to identify and resolve several bottlenecks
New Email plugin for Synapse For info on Synapse,
RCL Enhanced Template.DBSettings to enable TemplateField to be a string containing a file name
Optimized reading/loading logic related to BarCode and AutoSearch.
Designer Inspector. Added Caption property editor with an auto update feature (like Delphi)
Devices Viewer: Added virtual Viewer.CreateScreenDevice method; Draw methods are now virtual
DADE QueryWizard listbox now displays horizontal scrollbar when table/field names are too long.
RAP Added RAP RTTI for Report.Sendmail, TStrings.CommaText, DBSettings.FolderID
September 21, 2007: ReportBuilder 10.07 for Delphi 2007 Now Available!

New Features for 10.07

*RAD Studio/Delphi 2007 Update 3 Support! New build for RAD Studio/Delphi 2007 Update 3

*note: RB 10.07 for Delphi 2007 requires Update 3

Developer's Guide, 4th Edition! Revised screen shots and content
TeeChart Added TeeChart 8 support
DADE Optimized DataDictionary support

March 28, 2007: ReportBuilder 10.06 for Delphi 2007 Now Available!

New Features for 10.06

Delphi 2007 Support  
Installation Enhanced RB TeeChart Package Builder to display a progress dialog
Enhanced RB TeeChart Builder to support more Windows versions
RCL Added ResetGroup support to DBMemo
DADE Added support for ElevateDB. The DADE plug-in for ElevateDB can be downloaded from

January 16, 2007: ReportBuilder 10.05 Now Available!

New Features for 10.05

TeeChart New RB TeeChart Package Builder!(for Delphi 7 and later). Builds and installs the RB TeeChart packages required to support the TeeChart version installed to your machine. Use this utility to rebuild the RB TeeChart binaries any time you install a different version of TeeChart. See RBuilder\TeeChart\ReadMe.doc

Added TeeChart 7.09 Std support for Delphi 2006 (TeeChart Std 7.09 is a special build that can be downloaded free from Borland)
Published some of the newer properties available in TeeChart 7

Designer Enhanced Object Inspector Property Editors for PrinterSetup subproperties and some file properties
Added Shift+Ctrl Arrow key support for moving objects 10 pixels
Added DesignerWindow properties for DesignPageIndex and PreviewPageIndex
RCL Added Report.Email property to provide access to the TppEmail object
Enhanced BarCode screen rendering quality (internally uses a metafile)
Report Explorer New Email button enables reports to be emailed directly from the Report Explorer
RAP Added Editor support for Tabs and Block Indent for selected text
Added RAP RTTI support for BringToFront and SendToBack
Server New Email button enables reports to be emailed directly from the Client Report Explorer
September 5, 2006: ReportBuilder for Turbo Delphi Now Available!

ReportBuilder 10.04 for Turbo Delphi is now available for download. The installation file is the same file for Delphi 2006.

July 28, 2006: ReportBuilder 10.04 Now Available!

New Features for 10.04

TeeChart Added TeeChart 7.08 support for Delphi 2006
Designer Custom colors added to color palette are now saved to RBuilder.ini

Custom colors added to color palette are now shared by all color buttons

RCL Added OnMailMerge event to update mail-merged richtext at runtime
Devices Enhanced printing duplexed copies, a new print job will be created for each copy

Enhanced Email error handling capabilities

May 11, 2006: ReportBuilder 10.03 Now Available!

New Features for 10.03

RCL Support for TeeChart 7.07 (Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005,

 Delphi 7)
Added ShowCancelDialog property to the Report Email Settings

Designer Enhanced Object Inspector to support Parameters Editor

Enhanced Object Inspector to support Variant properties
Enhanced RAP Editor to prevent cursor from being positioned in the protected, grey, area (Enterprise Edition)

March 16, 2006: ReportBuilder 10.02 Now Available!

New Features for 10.02

Designer Enhancements New TppDesignerWindow.MenuDock property (can be used to move menu to a parent form)
Added ShowComponents support for PageBreak and 2dBarCode components
Modified Paste so that it does not apply an offset when pasting to a different report
DADE Improved generation of linking SQL (i.e. magic sql) to work for more complex cases
February 24, 2006: ReportBuilder 10.01 Now Available!

New Features for 10.01

Designer Enhancements Save/Restore Design selection when switch tabs

Added snap to grid support for Sizing a control

Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements PrintHumanReadable property added to the 2DBarCode component
February 9, 2006: ReportBuilder 10.0 for Delphi 2006 Now Available!


New Features for 10.0

Delphi 2006 Support  
Designer Enhancements new internal architecture - extensive rewrite
new XP style toolbars (supports themes)
new XP style menus (support themes)
new XP style popup menu (supports themes)
new XP style tabbed notebook
new XP style dockable tool windows
new XP style icons
enhanced Object Inspector to support multi-selection
enhanced popup menus to support multi-selection
new RAP Code Editor**
Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements new 2D BarCode component: PDF417 and MaxiCode
support for TeeChart 7.06 (Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7)
Report Output Components XP style Previewer
new built-in Email capability w/plug-in architecture including Outlook, MAPI, Indy plug-ins
enhanced PDFDevice archtitecture to support registering "Renderer" classes for each DrawCommand class
Report Explorer Enhancements* new XP style toolbars, menus, popup menus, icons
optimized performance (new ItemTemplatePipeline property)
enhanced to support Report Designer MRU (most recently used) Items
Visual Data Access Enhancements* new XP style tabs, toolbars, tool windows, menus, popup menus, icons
enhanced scrollable work space
new stored procedure custom DataView example (RBuilder\Demos\EndUser Databases\SQL Server\ADO\Stored Procedures)
RAP Enhancements** new XP style tabs, menus, popup menus, icons
new professional style RAP code editor
Server Enhancements*** XP style Client Report Explorer
optimized Client Report Explorer performance (new ReportExplorerVolume.ItemTemplatePipeline property)

    *ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise Editions
  **ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition
***ReportBuilder Server Edition

October 11, 2005: ReportBuilder 9.03 Now Available!

ReportBuilder 9.03 is now available for download. If you are a registered user of RB 9 and you didn't receive an e-mail notification of this release, please send an e-mail with your contact information, including serial number, to

New Features for 9.03

TeeChart Added TeeChart 7.05 support for D7 and D2005
Designer Added Undo support for drag and drop from data tree
Server Updated web browser detection to include FireFox
August 10, 2005: New Flash demos of ReportBuilder 9!

New Flash demos of ReportBuilder 9 have been added to the Home Page and Feature Matrix sections of our website. Macromedia Flash Player required.

Demos of RB 9:
Undo/Redo     PDF    Grid    Object Inspector    Rotated Text  
Borders    Mail Merge & Page Break

July 7, 2005: Digital Metaphors introduces a new website!

The Digital Metaphors website has a brand new look! We hope the changes we made will help you find the latest information on ReportBuilder faster and easier.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on how we can continue to improve it to serve you better. Please feel free to e-mail your comments to

March 21, 2005: ReportBuilder 9.02 for Delphi 2005 is now available!

New Features for 9.02

TeeChart Added TeeChart 7.04 support for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7
AutoSearch Added InList and Between operator support for searching on string values that contain a comma
DADE Added support for PostgreSQL database type
December 14, 2004: ReportBuilder 9.01 for Delphi 2005 is now available!

New Features for 9.01

TeeChart Added TeeChart 7.01 support for Delphi 2005 and Delphi 7
File Devices Added streaming support so that PDF and other formats can be generated directly to an output Stream that is assigned to the FileDevice.
Demos Added two PDF examples to the main reports demo (..\RBuilder\Demos\Reports\Demo.dpr)
Online Help Added topics TppPDFDevice and TppPDFSettings


November 19, 2004: ReportBuilder 9.01 for Delphi 2005 has just been released!

New Features for 9.0

Designer Enhancements  - New Object Inspector
 - New Undo/Redo support
 - New Workspace grid and snap-to-grid support
 - New Toolbar/ToolWindow architecture
Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements  - New Rotated Text support, added Angle property    for text controls
 - New Border property for all controls
 - New Anchor property enables control to reposition itself when the layout changes.
 - New PageBreak component for advanced control over pagination
 - Enhanced RichText MailMerge to support display formats & multiple datapipelines
 - Enhanced DBImage to support AutoSize
 - Enhanced RCL architecture supports registering popup menu and design controls
 - New Report level events that enable parameter initialization and SQL modification.
Report Output Enhancements  - New PDF export
Data Access Enhancements  - New Guid Field Type support
 - New Guid Field Type data linking support
Report Engine Enhancements  - Improved support for calculations performed in page footer
 - Improved support for detecting layouts which result in infinite page generation.
DADE Enhancements*  - New Support for Guid Field Type Linking
 - New SQLBuilder object for runtime sql manipulation
RAP Enhancements**  - New Report level events that enable parameter initialization and SQL modification.
 - New SQLBuilder class to dynamically modify sql
End-User Guide Enhancements**  - New Learning to RAP Guide

* These features in ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise only.
** These features in ReportBuilder Enterprise only.

June 22, 2004: ReportBuilder Nominated in the Delphi Informant Reader's Choice Awards!
Voting for the 2004 Delphi Informant Reader's Choice Awards is underway and ReportBuilder needs your vote!

ReportBuilder was voted Best Reporting Tool and Product of the Year from 1999-2002, and Best Reporting Tool for 2003! We would like to thank you for your continued support as ReportBuilder continues to evolve and set the standard for Delphi reporting.

June 21, 2004: ReportBuilder 7.04 for Delphi 7, Delphi 6, & Delphi 5 Now Available!

New Features for 7.04

TeeChart TeeChart 7 and 6.01 support
Preview Mouse Wheel Support
DBipeline field type support Added Oracle CLOB field type support. ReportBuilder now correctly handles this field type as a dtBlob type.
DADE Plugin for Advantage (Professional) Added support to allow a connection to an Advantage database using a connection path. Formerly an alias or datadictionary connection was required.

August 23, 2003: ReportBuilder 7.03 for Delphi 7, Delphi 6, & Delphi 5 Now Available!

New Features for Version 7.03

Session Parameters When implementing custom session parameters, this feature enables the server to use the OnValidateSessionParameters event to pass additional parameter information back to the client.
BDE Package Installation The BDE DADE plugin package for Delphi is not installed unless the BDE is installed.
XP Theme Support XP Theme support is extended in the end user designer.
March 15, 2003: ReportBuilder 7.02 Now Available for Delphi 7, Delphi 6, & Delphi 5!
Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 7.02 for Delphi 7, Delphi 6, and Delphi 5. Version 7.0 marks the debut of the Server Edition and introduces support for Delphi 7.0. Other highlights include a cool new Outline feature, Thread-safety, Background Printing, Text Search, Report Parameters, and enhanced TeeChart support. Click here to order ReportBuilder 7.0 now! 

New Features for Version 7.02

Background Printing New Report.BackgroundPrintingOptions can be used to enable a report to print in a background thread. To use this option, you must ensure that the report container (i.e. DataModule or Form) provides a thread-safe execution environment for the report.
Report Parameters New Report.Parameters property can be used to define custom report parameters that can be saved as part of the report definition. The Parameters are accessible from the RAP coding environment and can be used in the Server Edition to send report parameters between the client and server. See ..\RBServer\Demos for new custom parameter examples for the Client, Server, and WebTier.
TeeChart 6.0 Support TeeChart 6.0 support for Delphi 7, 6, & 5.
Custom Web Report Viewer The WebTier architecture has been enhanced to simplify customization of the web viewer's toolbar. For an example, see RBServer\Demos\Web Tier\Custom Viewer. The example includes a ReadMe.doc and commented code.
GUID Session IDs The WebTier and Server have been enhanced to generate GUID's for the session IDs.

New Features for 7.01

ToolbarOptions New support for ViewerSettings.ToolbarOptions to provide control over which user interface controls appear on the toolbar of the web report viewer.
MaxSessionCount Includes a new MaxSessionCount property to limit the number of concurrent sessions that can be managed by the server. The value assigned to this property will depend upon the hardware, software, bandwidth etc. that you use to implement the report server.
Text Search The print preview form supports text searching for all previewed pages. The producers, TppReport, TppArchiveReader, TppDBArchiveReader, and TppClientReport support a new TextSearchSettings property. This property is used to control the default text search behavior.
TeeChart 5.03 Support TeeChart 5.03 support for Delphi 7

New Features for 7.0

Server Edition Version 7 of ReportBuilder marks the debut of the Server Edition. The Server Edition represents over a years' worth of effort on the part of DM. We think that you will be absolutely blown away by this product, and how it brings RAD to the world of N-tier reporting and the web. Download a Server Trial Edition now!
Thread-safety In order to make the Server Edition possible, the data processing engine (DADE), Object Pascal interpreter (RAP) and the report engine were all made thread-safe. This means that you can now count on thread safety when pursuing options such as background processing of print jobs, etc.
Outline A TreeView summarizing the structure of the generated report and providing clickable nodes which take you to the page for given content is now displayed in the Print Preview form. The main report, groups and section type subreports can participate in the generation of the Outline. Use the OutlineSettings property for each of these objects to control the generation of the outline.
PreviewFormSettings The main report component (TppReport) now contains a PreviewFormSettings property. Use this to control the initial WindowState, ZoomSetting and ZoomPercentage of the Preview Form (and say goodbye to all of those OnPreviewFormCreate event handlers!)
DBArchiveReader This new component makes it easy to preview and print report archives stored in database BLOB fields.
DBImage  When assigned to a database field with a string data type, the DBImage component will now automatically assume that the string field contains the full path and file name to an image file and attempt to load that image from file when it generates.
Enhanced TeeChart Support It is no longer necessary to purchase the registered version of TeeChart in order to print and preview reports containing charts. If you need to redistribute the TeeChart UI as part of an end-user reporting solution (and you are not building your application with packages), then it is still necessary to purchase TeeChart. The .dcu files for the TeeChart UI are not (and never have been) included with the 'free' version of TeeChart which installs with Delphi.

August 25, 2002: ReportBuilder 7.0 Server Edition Now Available!
Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the debut of a new product: ReportBuilder 7.0 Server Edition.

The Server Edition can be divided into three basic parts: the Report Server, the Web Tier, and the Thin Client components. 

Report Server
Serve report content over the web via a multi-threaded Windows Service
Provide a list of available reports in a folder tree structure
Send and receive search criteria for a given report

Web Tier
Publish reports as XHTML to web browser clients
Build ISAPI, ASP, Apache web applications
Customize the generated XHTML and JavaScript framework

Client Support
Web: Select available reports, enter search criteria and preview report content via IE 5, IE 6, Netscape 4, and Netscape 6
Thin Client: Use the standard ReportBuilder UI to access server-based reports from within a Delphi application