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Build complete report server solutions for publishing reports to remote client applications and web browsers. Publish reports as XHTML to web browser clients. Build ISAPI, ASP, Apache web applications.



Use RAP to build portable reports! RAP enables developers and end-users to code calculations and event-handlers without Delphi. The run-time code can be saved with the report definition outside of the application executable.



Build end-user reporting solutions that can be distributed royalty-free! Use DADE to visually define and link SQL queries. DADE enables developers and end-users to quickly and easily build and link SQL queries that can be saved as part of the report definition.



Elegantly model free-form reports, nested reports, side-by-side reports, and drill-down reports.




Welcome to the Digital Metaphors website, where we share information and insight on ReportBuilder, the premier reporting tool for Delphi developers!


Recent Headlines

ReportBuilder 19.0 now available! 


New features include:

- new Designer AutoSave/Recovery
- new Designer View | Margins
- new Aztec Barcode support
- new Rotated Wrapped Text
- new Border.Padding support
- new Right-to-left language support
- new PDF/A standards including ZUGFeRD
- new PDF form submit support
- new Xlsx architecture/optimizations
- new Html font family fallback
- new IndySmtp.UseTls support
- new QRCode ECI support
- new Report Explorer copy/paste
- new Subscription reminder

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version

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